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A platform to preserve the experiences, talents, discoveries or lessons that define our identities.

Most Recent Interviews:

About Art  

Courtesy: Shioh Kato

Shioh Kato, Master of Blending Modern Art
with Ancient Calligraphy

Courtesy: Oliver Sin

The New Horizon
Portraits by Oliver Sin

Courtesy: Stephen Ehret

Marin's Natural Beauty
Portrayed by Stephen Ehret

Courtesy: Barbara Hangan

New Classical Portraits Created by
Romanian Artist, Barbara Hangan

Courtesy: Joseph Kowalczyk

When the Worlds of Myth and Reality Meet -
Joseph Kowalczyk’s Art Creation

Courtesy: Louise Forbush

The Art of Collage 

by Louise Forbush

Courtesy: Dwight Hwang

From Fish Counting to Fine Arts - Interview with
Dwight Hwang, Gyotaku Artist

Courtesy: Marguerite Elliot

Master of Metal, Interview with Marguerite Elliot,
A Visionary Sculpture Artist

About Cartography 

  Courtesy: www.esri.com

The Evolution of Map Making Illustrated by Mr. John Nelson, Cartographer .

About Craftsmanship

Courtesy: Béatrice Amblard

From Hermès to April in Paris, Béatrice Amblard’s Personal Testimony to the Traditional Leathermaking Artisan

About Engineering and Technology 

Courtesy: Kim Lin

Kimberly's Virtual Reality World and Many More

Courtesy: Sandra Liu

Sandra’s Path to DNA Sequencing

Courtesy: Toki Migimatsu

Construction of a Robotic Arm - Toki Migimatsu, PhD Student from Stanford

Courtesy: Guillaume Martin

Elements of Designing a Video Game  - Guillaume Martin

About Food 


The Lady Who Cooks Nourishing Delicious Food

About History 

Courtesy: Grant Hardy

Sima Qian司馬遷 and Beyond - Interview with History Professor Grant Hardy,
University of North Carolina at Ashevill

About Nature 

Courtesy: Jeremy Nichols

Interview with Mr. Jeremy Nichols - Chairman of the Bird Rescue Center in Sonoma County, CA 

Courtesy: Ted Cheeseman

A Whale of a Tale as Told by Ted Cheeseman

Courtesy: Len Blumin

Guardians of the Wild Birds in Marin County, CA

About Photography

Courtesy:  Andrei Savitsky

Courtesy: Dr. Håkan Kvarnström

Mr. Andrei Savitsky's “Tulip Bud Cross Section”, Won 9th Place at the 45th Annual Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition

The World Inside of a Drop of Water, Interview with
Dr. Håkan Kvarnström, Micrographist from Sweden

Courtesy: Scott Davis

Courtesy: Guilhem Duvot

Through the Lens - Interview with Scott Davis,
Wildlife Photographer

Insects, Primates, and Many More by Guilhem Duvot,  French Biology Photographer

About Literature

Emily Dickinson’s manuscript, Courtesy: Pinterest

Because I Could Not Stop for Death  (479)  ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

About Synthetic Biology

Courtesy: Caitlin Gowdy

Andrew Hessel and His Creation

About Wine

Courtesy: George Zhang

George Zhang, the Dream Catcher and Creator of ShunYi Cellars

Stories from Local Communities 

Bay Area, Ca, Courtesy: Irving Chao

How I Captured Mail Thieves

St. Martin Island, Courtesy: nasa.gov

Through Hurricane Irma and a Tsunami

Members' Recent Postings 

A Day in the Rose Red City

Watercolor by Dan-Fong Liang

The Patterns of Life

Nature and Art

Photography and Acceptance by

Parsons School with Scholarship

Performance at HHCKLA in 2017

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