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A platform to preserve the experiences, talents, discoveries or lessons that define our identities.

Artist of the Month:

Courtesy: Alberto Bustos

The Unyieldingly Talented Alberto Bustos and His Ceramics

Photographer of the Month:

Courtesy: Ryota “Kaji” Kajita

Capture the Moment in Eternity - Interview with International Renowned Photographer, Mr. Ryota “Kaji” Kajita

Most Recent Interviews and Commentaries:

About Art  

Courtesy: Prakashan Puthur

Artist Prakashan Puthur’s Portraits of Nature and People Win High Acclaim

Courtesy: Oliver Sin

The New Horizon
Portraits by Oliver Sin

Courtesy: Stephen Ehret

Marin's Natural Beauty
Portrayed by Stephen Ehret

Courtesy: Barbara Hangan

Shioh Kato, Blending Modern Art 
with Ancient Calligraphy

Courtesy:  Richard Satava

Jellyfish in Glass,  Interview with Richard Satava, World Renowned Hand-blown Glass Artist

Courtesy: Joseph Kowalczyk

When the Worlds of Myth and Reality Meet -
Joseph Kowalczyk’s Art Creation

Courtesy: Dwight Hwang

From Fish Counting to Fine Arts - Interview with
Dwight Hwang, Gyotaku Artist

Courtesy: Marguerite Elliot

Master of Metal, Interview with Marguerite Elliot,
A Visionary Sculpture Artist

About Biosecurity

Courtesy: Dr. Milana Boukhman Trounce

Interview with Dr. Milana Boukhman Trounce, Director of Stanford Biosecurity

About Botany

Courtesy: Dr. Patrick Jung

Exciting New Discoveries in Cryptogams by Dr. Patrick Jung

About Cartography 

  Courtesy: www.esri.com

The Evolution of Map Making Illustrated by Mr. John Nelson, Cartographer .

About Craftsmanship

Courtesy: Béatrice Amblard

From Hermès to April in Paris, Béatrice Amblard’s Personal Testimony to the Traditional Leathermaking Artisan

About Engineering and Technology 

Courtesy: Kim Lin

Kimberly's Virtual Reality World and Many More

Courtesy: Sandra Liu

Sandra’s Path to DNA Sequencing

Courtesy: Toki Migimatsu

Construction of a Robotic Arm - Toki Migimatsu, PhD Student from Stanford

Courtesy: Guillaume Martin

Elements of Designing a Video Game  - Guillaume Martin

About Food 

Courtesy: Luis Amado

The Artistry of the Chocolatier - Interview with World-Renowned Chocolatier, Mr. Luis Amado

Courtesy: Elisa and Ben Lai

Creating the Foodloose 'Silk Road'
between the West and the East


The Lady Who Cooks Nourishing Delicious Food

About History 

Courtesy: National Archives and Records Adm

The Imperial Russian Navy’s Pacific Squadron
at San Francisco in 1863

Courtesy: Grant Hardy

Sima Qian司馬遷 and Beyond - Interview with History Professor Grant Hardy

About Music

Courtesy: Chener Cherry Yuan

Special Dedication - Performing Ysaye's Sonata for Solo Violin, Op. 27, No. 2 "Jacques Thibaud"  

About Nature 

Courtesy: Jeremy Nichols

Interview with Mr. Jeremy Nichols - Chairman of the Bird Rescue Center in Sonoma County, CA 

Courtesy: Ted Cheeseman

A Whale of a Tale as Told by Ted Cheeseman

Courtesy: Len Blumin

Guardians of the Wild Birds in Marin County, CA

About Photography

Courtesy: Frank Liu

High Artistry Displayed by Frank Liu’s Wildlife Photography

Courtesy:Tom Remus

In Awe of Mt.Tamalpais through Tom Remus’ Lens and Art Designs

Courtesy: Alison Pollack

The Amazing Miniature World of Mushrooms and Myxomycete Under Alison Pollack’s Camera Lens

Courtesy: Frank Sirona

USA’s Natural Wonders Portrayed by Large Format Film Photographer, Frank Sirona

CourtesyEvgeny Kurkin

Courtesy: Andrei Savitsky

Interview with Evgeny Kurkin, His Role in Cirque du Soleil’s “Amaluna” and Photography

Mr. Andrei Savitsky's “Tulip Bud Cross Section”, Won 9th Place at the 45th Annual Nikon Small World 

Courtesy: Dr. Håkan Kvarnström

Courtesy: Guilhem Duvot

The World Inside of a Drop of Water, Interview with
Dr. Håkan Kvarnström, Micrographist from Sweden

Insects, Primates, and Many More by Guilhem Duvot,  French Biology Photographer

About Literature

 Courtesy: Wall Street International

Pilgrimage to Emptiness in Tang Poetry by Shantena Augusto Sabbadini 

Emily Dickinson’s manuscript, Courtesy: Pinterest

Because I Could Not Stop for Death (479) ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) by Peter Kalnin

About Synthetic Biology

Courtesy: Caitlin Gowdy

Andrew Hessel and His Creation

About Philosophy

Courtesy: Wall Street International

Riding the Waves of Change - An Introduction to the I Ching
by Shantena Augusto Sabbadini 

About Quantum Physics

Courtesy: Shantena Augusto Sabbadini

Shantena Augusto Sabbadini’s View on Quantum Physics, Consciousness, Perception, and Reality

About Wine

Courtesy: Emiko Kufman

A Wine Lady, Emiko Kufman’s
Wine Talk

Courtesy: George Zhang

George Zhang, the Dream Catcher and Creator of
ShunYi Cellars

Stories from Local Communities 

Bay Area, Ca, Courtesy: Irving Chao

How I Captured Mail Thieves

St. Martin Island, Courtesy: nasa.gov

Through Hurricane Irma and a Tsunami

Members' Recent Postings 

Windy Clouds of the Arctic Sea

Watercolor by Dan-Fong Liang

The Patterns of Life

Nature and Art

Photography and Acceptance by

Parsons School with Scholarship

Artistic Integrity

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