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Nature and Art

By Stephanie Jin, 2019-07-02

For me, art is not only about pretty images, but is also actively evocative of deeper meanings. In this regard, I made these paintings about environmental protection. I hope my paintings can focus people’s attention on the necessity of protecting mother nature.

"Restricted Nature” - 

This image shows nature is restricted by the rural development and air pollution"

(Courtesy: Stephanie Jin)

“Restricted Ocean”

This image is about how sea animals’ lives are restricted by human devices and pollution. I believe most people can recognize the famous character in the drawing, Pinocchio, and the famous scene where Pinocchio accidentally ended up in the whale’s stomach. However, this time he’s getting in the whale’s stomach along with a large amount of trash and human waste.

(Courtesy: Stephanie Jin)

“Snake River”

This image portrays the natural beauty of the Snake River which is a major river of the greater Pacific Northwest region in the United States.

(Courtesy: Stephanie Jin)

“Sunset at Mont Saint-Michel”

This image reflects the beautiful sunset at Mont Saint-Michel, an island and mainland commune in Normandy, France.

(Courtesy: Stephanie Jin)

It is very difficult to call people’s attention to the need for environmental protection all by myself. However, I believe as more and more artists work together towards the same goal, more people will pay attention to this crisis. I will continue to explore and improve as an artist to further help gather attention and solve such problems.