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North Yellow Mountain ~ Bai Shi Shan

By Robin Hsu, March 25, 2019

Bai Shi Shan is located in the Lai Yuan County of Hebei Province in China. It is known for its beautiful scenery similar to Hua Shan Mountain in Xian and Yellow Mountain in Anhui.

Photo Courtesy: Ronin Hsu

We encountered heavy snow when we visited last winter. Perhaps we chose a bad day to climb Bai Shi Shan but we were treated to a most unforgettable view.  


Below are some beautiful photos to share with you:

"Under foot, a carpet of green. Peaks of mountains, as if tied by a string. Voices of people heard within the clouds. 

Wondering if we have encountered fairies living in a painting." - anonymous

(Photo Courtesy: Ronin Hsu)